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Beauty is in the everyday. When we go through our lives, distracted by our obligations, we tend to forget to stop and stare at the wonders all around us. Too often we are so caught up in our minds that we do not take the time to appreciate the small things: the way a shadow dances on the ground, the sounds of children playing in the distance, or the gentle motion of leaves swaying in the wind. Peace, love, and happiness exist all around us, yet too often these things seem out of our reach, unattainable.

In order to understand the rhythm of the world around us, we need look no further than our surroundings. In each moment, there is something essential.

Through these photos and videos, I hope to encourage viewers to find for themselves the magic of the mundane. Beauty does not need to be seen as something completely ideal, for if it was, it would be impossible to touch it. Over my years experimenting with photography, I've come to realize that perfection is not something that we need to actively pursue, and special moments need not be rare. If a photo is a little out of focus, it no longer bothers me. If we continually chase after idealized versions of beauty, perfection and happiness, we will never be able to capture them. Real perfection is the world around us, the now, and the tangible.